OXO Grill Turner Spatula
OXO Grill Turner

Best in Class: Grill Spatula

Brinkmann Grilling Spatula
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The Brinkman BBQ spatula is made from stainless steel, which is one single piece, with two pieces of hardwood riveted to it to serve as a handle. Overall, it’s about 19” long, so it’s a good length. On the end of the handle is a bottle opener, which also serves as a hanging loop. This […]

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The grandly named Aspire grilling spatula from Char-Broil is made from stainless steel, is about 16” long and has a plastic, non-slip handle. The head is about standard size for a barbecue spatula, and has long slots for what the manufacturer calls “grease management”. There’s a wire loop on the end of the handle for storage. […]

Original Weber Spatula

This Weber spatula is made from stainless steel, is about  19” long, give or take the hanging loop. It has a soft touch plastic handle, and a long head with three slots. The whole flat plain of the head is tapered so the leading tip is thin enough to fit under the meat. The handle […]

Cave Tools Grill Spatula with Bottle Opener
Cave Tools Grill Spatula with Bottle Opener

If you’re into barbecuing, or thinking about getting into it, (and really why wouldn’t you?) the grill spatula is possibly the BBQ tool you’re going to use the most. Many people spend the entire session with a barbecue spatula in one hand and a beer in the other. So it makes sense to get yourself something […]

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