Cave Tools Long Skewers
Cave Tools Long Skewers

Best in Class: BBQ Skewers

Char-Broil Chrome BBQ Skewers
Char-Broil Chrome Grill Skewers

These grill skewers from Char-Broil are 17” long, and made from chrome. They are flat in section and have a simple loop at the end for hanging. There are four bbq skewers per pack. At 17” these barbecue skewers should be long enough for most appetites. The point is sharp enough, and they’re easy to load up. […]

Weber Essentials Skewers Set
Weber Essentials Kabob Skewers

Weber 6688 kabob skewers are made from stainless steel and are about 11” long. There are four steel skewers in a pack. The design is a simple piece of flat metal with a twist at one end to form a handle. I’ve got to say, when I first picked up these bbq skewers I thought they’d broken, […]

Cave Tools Barbecue Skewers Set
Cave Tools BBQ Skewers Set

There are ten skewers in this BBQ skewers set from Cave Tools. They’re made from stainless steel, whith a brushed rather than a polished finish. They’re 12” long and an inch wide at the widest part of the handle. Each skewer comes with a disc, which is used to push the food off the skewer […]

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