Cave Tools Burger Press Patty Maker

Best in Class: Burger Press

OXO Good Burger Maker
OXO Good Burger Maker

f you want to make your own burgers for any reason, you’ll need a burger maker. This OXO hamburger maker is made from plastic and has four separate parts. The base is opaque plastic with a scale marked for ¼, 1/3 and ½ pound burgers. A black plastic patty lifter sits in the base, a […]

Weber Original Burger Press
Original Weber Burger Press

The Weber burger press has a black plastic base and a clear plastic lid with a black nylon handle. It’s just over 4” in diameter. The handle is detachable for easier cleaning. The unit can turn out ¼ or ½ pound patties, complete with dimples. The Weber hamburger maker works in reverse to other patty makers, […]

Cave Tools Burger Press
Cave Tools Silicone Burger Press

The Cave Tools version of a burger press is about 14” x 10” x 1.5” and is made from thick red silicone. The hamburger press consists of two halves, the lower mould divided into six compartments, and a moulded lid that serves as the press, and has lines to “cut” the meat into separate burgers, […]

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