OXO Digital Instant Read Thermometer
OXO Digital Instant Read Thermometer

The instant read thermometer from OXO is about 7” long, with a plastic body and a thin metal probe, which is kept in a pen-like protective cover. The display is larger than most thermometers, and easy to read from a good distance away. The large display has three digits, so it can show temperatures from […]

Char-Broil Digital Thermometer

Best in Class: Cooking Thermometer

Brinkmann 9075 Digital Cooking Thermometer

Checking the temperature of your food with a digital cooking thermometer is a great way to ensure the meat you serve is thoroughly cooked. Which goes a long way to avoiding any health issues. This Brinkman cooking thermometer provides an indication of the internal temperature in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit, depending on your preference. The […]

Weber Original Instant-Read Thermometer
Instant-Read Original Weber Thermometer

Checking the internal temperature of the food you’re cooking is important if you want your meat done perfectly. This Weber thermometer is a digital model, with a large and easy to read three digit display. The head of the thermometer is plastic, the probe is steel, and it comes with a protective plastic cover. With […]

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