King Kooker Rib and Potato Baker Rack
King Kooker Rib & Potato Baker

The King Kooker rib and potato baker is made from polished chrome and measures approximately 12.5” x 9” x 4”. The item has space for six ribs and also has seven spikes for potatoes, etc. Something of a strange fish, this potato baker rib rack thing. I presume it’s designed for a small family with […]

Charcoal Companion Baked Potato Rack
easter 2022 date

The Charcoal Companion baked potato rack is made from steel, covered with a black, non-stick coating. It measures around 2” x 3.5” x 16”. The item features four fins on which the potatoes sit while cooking. This potato grilling rack is very similar in design to another on the market, almost as if they’re made […]

easter holidays dates 2022

The Steven Raichlen potato grilling rack is made from stainless steel, and measures approximately 2” x 4” x 18”. It has four fin-like spikes on the top to hold up to four potatoes. You can tell straight away this potato roasting rack is cheaply made. It’s designed to be mass produced by a machine, churning […]

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