This Weber charcoal smoker is made from porcelain coated steel in a gloss black finish with textured steel detailing. It’s 41” x 19” x 21” in size. The two nickel plated cooking grates provide 481 square inches of cooking surface, and the unit comes with a porcelain coated water pan. The main body has a door to access the fire and water pan. The lid has a built-in thermometer, a nylon heat-resistant handle and a smoke vent. The unit stands on three legs, with an ash pan built into the design. Included with the unit is a storage cover.

The Weber charcoal grill smoker is something of a classic in BBQing. The bullet shape is instantly recognizable for what it is. The reason it’s a classic, I’d say, is that it works, and works well. It’s simple to use, almost foolproof, and turns out great tasting smoked food. Temperature control is really easy, there are vents top and bottom, so you can control the flow of smoke relatively precisely.

The Weber charcoal BBQ smoker takes a fair amount of food, but bear in mind large birds or pieces of meat might take up more vertical space, and thus reduce its capacity.

As with all grills and smokers of this design and similar, the Weber Smoker Grill isn’t the easiest to access when refilling the fuel or cleaning out afterwards. The food is stacked up inside, so access is tricky, but then again, you aren’t supposed to mess around with it while it’s cooking. Most of the insides come out, which does makes cleaning easier. And as most old smokers will tell you, you shouldn’t really be cleaning the insides, as all that old smoke and grease helps seal the unit and add to the flavor. I’m not entirely convinced this is true, but what’s there to lose?

It isn’t perfect of course, the legs are a bit basic and the ash catcher is next to useless, but otherwise it’s a good smoker, and it comes with a ten year limited warranty.

A nice extra included with this charcoal grilling smoker is the storage cover. It’s saves looking round for one that fits, and is something other manufacturers should pay attention to.

Overall, This Product is Our Best in Class Smoker Grill

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