This model of Weber charcoal grill is made from aluminum and aluminzed steel, powder coated in black. The bowl and lid are porcelain enameled with glass-reinforced nylon handles. The unit stands on three legs, the rear two mounted on wheels for ease of movement. Below the bowl is an aluminum ash catcher. The whole thing measures 22” x 25” x 38.5” when assembled. This model provides 363 square inches of cooking surface.

Weber kettle grills have become something of a classic over the years, the shape being instantly recognizable even for those who don’t grill. I found this Weber barbecue grill to be easy to assemble, apart from when inserting the legs into the body section. I was never quite sure they’d clicked into place, and the last thing you want is a bowl filled with hot coals tipping over. There are wheels on the rear legs for moving it around, but given the above I wouldn’t go moving it around when it’s lit.

In use, the charcoal BBQ grill works as well as you would expect. There’s nothing fancy here, just a hot fire and a vent or two. There’s enough space on the grill for the average family plus one or two guests, so it’s not huge, but you can always go another round, there’s usually plenty of coals left. Weber recommend you put 50 pieces in, I don’t know about you, but I just throw some in until it looks  right, I don’t have time to count it out.

When the BBQ is done and it’s time to clean up, the Weber Kettle charcoal grill is supposed to offer a ‘one-touch’ clean, releasing the ash into the ash-catcher and you can get on with your life. In practice this is not strictly true. Some of the ash always stays behind in the bowl, which means you have to brush it out. And the wildly mis-named ash catcher only works if there’s not a hint of wind. The slightest of breezes lifts the ash from the catcher and spreads it across the BBQ area. It’s particularly important not to do this when the ash is hot, for obvious reasons.

Apart from issue with the legs on this charcoal outdoor grill, I also found the handles got very hot. I know we should all be using oven mitts, but it’s easy to forget you’ve taken them off to drink your beer. Other models don’t have this problem, makes me wonder why Weber haven’t addressed the issue.

Overall, This Weber Product is The #1 Winner in Charcoal Grills Category

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