The Bayou marinade injector is around 14” x 4” x 5” in size, and is made of stainless steel. The item consists of a plunger, the body and two needles, one for liquids and one for minced marinade. The injector holds 2 ounces of marinade.

If you take your grilling seriously, at some point you’ll probably want to give a meat injector a try. These devices pump sauces and other marinades deep inside the meat, which keeps it where it’s supposed to be and adds moisture and flavor. They’re easy enough to use, just fill the food injector with your sauce, push the point in to the thick parts of the meat and inject. This Bayou flavor injector comes with two needles, one that’s a simple tube for thicker and minced marinade, the other with a capped end and three holes either side for thinner liquids. Both of them are sharp enough to pierce the meat and are of a decent length.

Being stainless steel, this BBQ injector is easy to clean, and it all comes apart anyway. One thing to be aware of is the little plastic O rings on the needles. They come off very easily and mysteriously disappear, never to be seen again. So make sure you take them off and put them somewhere safe before washing.

The problem I have with this meat syringe is the quality. Once again, we have a product that might once have been a solid and decent item. But over time, it’s been made progressively cheaper, until we get to the point where cheapness of construction is on the same level as function. It’s something of a lottery whether the one you get will work or fall apart. I also understand the company don’t supply spares, so if you lose anything, such as the little O rings, you can’t buy more and you’ll have to replace the item. Although the manufacturers deny it, that seems to be the point.

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