For those of you not familiar with these barbecuing items, rib racks allow you to stack a number of ribs vertically, four in the case of this Brinkman. This allows the heat and smoke to travel up both sides of the ribs at the same time, which means the meat cooks faster, more evenly, and as an added bonus, takes up less space on the grill. Most grill racks of this kind can be used in smokers and traditional ovens, as well as on gas and charcoal grills.

This particular non-stick rib rack is made from steel, which is coated with porcelain to give it a non-stick surface.

This makes the ribs easier to remove when cooked, and the dirt and grease should just wash straight off. If you do need to be more forceful with the cleaning, be careful what you scrub it with, as going at it with a wire brush will damage the coating. I found the design simple but adequate, it functions as it should with no frills. On the downside, I found the grilling¬†rack held the ribs a little too close to the heat, which can potentially result in burnt bottoms. The handles to either side are also not ideal. They’re quite narrow, and too low, actually under the level of the meat, so lifting the BBQ rack from a crowded grill can be a little problematic. It’s nothing serious, but a point to consider when purchasing.

Overall, a solid product with an excellent non-stick coating, which does what it should, if no more, and the design isn’t the best available. Also, please note this is just a rib rack, and can’t be used for roasts etc. like some of the two-in-one products on the market.

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