The Brinkmann BBQ grill light is about 9” long and 2” high and wide. It’s made from black, heat resistant plastic. The light is provided by two bright LEDs mounted on the top edge of the light on two separate arms. Each arm moves independently, and this movement also switches the lights on and off. It takes 3 AAA batteries and is shower proof. The barbecue light comes with two rubber band type clips to secure the light to the handle of the grill.

I wasn’t too sure what this Brinkmann grilling light was when I first saw it. It wasn’t until I saw the arms unfolded and the lights on the ends that I got it. I get the impression this barbeque light was designed on a Friday afternoon, just before a vacation. The design team are eager to get home to their families and start the fun, but have to design a grill light first. Ok, it’s not a bad grill light. The light it gives off is bright enough, just about. But the swinging arms are just asking to go wrong, why not just put a lens in front of the LEDs to spread the light? And those clips. You have to hold the light where you want it positioned, and stretch the bands from one side to the other, and they have to be tight or the light will slip. And as the clamps on the light body are half circles, I wouldn’t like to attempt the same thing with a square handle.

A BBQ flashlight is a useful addition to your grilling tool kit, but it seems Brinkmann have done all they can to put you off buying this one. There are far better designed, made and brighter grill flashlights out there, so I can’t recommend this one at all.

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