This particular Brinkmann charcoal smoker is made from steel powder coated a shiny black, with chromed steel detailing. The handles are steel with wooden grips. The removable lid has a built -in temperature gauge. The unit measures 17” x 17” x 32”, and stands on four short legs. There is an access door on the front for adding charcoal and water during cooking. Inside are two chrome plated steel grill racks, which can carry up to 50lbs of food, and a water pan.

It’s probably coincidence, but this Brinkmann charcoal BBQ smoker looks a bit like a certain robot from a major film franchise. Unfortunately it isn’t anywhere near as sophisticated. What we have here is basically a small cylinder with a fire at the bottom and some wire racks at the top, with a domed lid over that. Even the temperature gauge is of the ‘warm to hot’ variety.

Being basic also means this charcoal grill smoker is easy to use. You light the fire, load up the meat and put the lid on, and hopefully, a while later, you’ll be eating your delicious smoked meats. You’ll need to stay close to monitor it though, and you’ll need to wear both your oven mitts whatever you are doing. This thing is nothing but hot.

Cleaning up afterwards is also a bit of a chore. The cylinder is narrow, so it’s a matter of stripping it right down, scrubbing the individual parts and then hosing out the body.

I found controlling the temperature quite tricky, as there are no air vents, and the shape of the fire pan means the fire can smother itself with ash. I have seen people make their own modifications to improve the performance of this Barbecue charcoal smoker, but you might as well buy a better model than resort to such tactics.

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