Checking the temperature of your food with a digital cooking thermometer is a great way to ensure the meat you serve is thoroughly cooked. Which goes a long way to avoiding any health issues. This Brinkman cooking thermometer provides an indication of the internal temperature in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit, depending on your preference.

The body of the thermometer is plastic, with a sharp metal probe at one end. This is covered with a plastic cap for safety, which fits on the other end when in use to provide a handle. On top is a digital readout and three buttons, on/off, degrees C/F and a hold button, which freezes the display so you can easily read the temperature when it’s removed from the meat.

This particular instant-read thermometer is powered by a button battery, which comes with the unit.

As you can probably guess, being a plastic bodied kitchen thermometer, it can’t be left in the meat for extended periods of time. Typically it should take only a few seconds to take a reading, and then it should be removed, replacing the safety cap straight away, as it’s a sharp metal probe. If you’re having trouble taking a reading with this or any other digital cooking thermometer, make sure the end of the probe is in the densest part of the meat, making sure it hasn’t emerged into a cavity within the meat. Then give it a few seconds for the reading to stabilize, press the hold button and withdraw the probe. Don’t forget to wipe the probe before replacing the cap.

As quick-read thermometers go, this one could be considered basic, but it does the job, if in an unspectacular way, and seems to be at least accurate enough for barbecuing. Digital models are certainly easier to read than analogue dials, if a little less robust.

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