The Brinkman long handled bbq brush certainly lives up to it’s name. In this case the brush is over 21” long, half of that being the handle. The handle is made from heat resistant plastic, the brush from steel wire and the bristles from stainless steel. The brush head is over six inches wide, so you can cover a large area in a shorter time.

A grill brush with a long handle has a few advantages over one with a shorter handle, namely you can get a solid two-handed grip on it to allow you to give the grill grates a good scrub. And secondly, it keeps your hands further away from the grill, a good thing if you’re one of those people who likes to clean the grill while it’s still warm.

You can use a barbecue cleaning brush on any grill where you would use any stainless steel brush head, which covers most grills, and you can even use it in the oven. Some people have one of these long handle grill brushes as part of their tool kit while cooking, as they come in handy for clearing debris and excess grease before putting on fresh items for cooking, and for clearing up accidents such as burnt food.

When it comes to cleaning, the brush has a single head so it’s easy to get at. You can hose it off, wipe it down with a cloth or simply put it in the dishwasher. Or maybe a combination of those things if it’s gotten particularly dirty after a long BBQ session.

Overall, the Brinkman grill brush is quite basic, a budget product that does what it’s supposed to with no whistles and bells. I’ve seen it for sale for as low as a few dollars, which makes it almost disposable.

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