Kabob racks make cooking kabobs much easier than putting them straight on the grill. This Brinkman kabob set is just over 13” x 10” and about 1.5” deep. It’s made from powder coated steel and comes with six wire skewers, all black. The body of the grill rack is hinged, so folds in half length ways for easy storage. The skewers are triangular in section to more easily retain the food and to sit on the rack when turned. It can be used on most grills and smokers, or in a conventional oven.

The overwhelming impression I got from handling this product was “budget”. It’s not flimsy as such, but it certainly isn’t sturdy. The folding design is a good idea, it reduces the size of the frame by half, which makes storage easier. The skewers are made from wire, so are very thin. The skewers aren’t round, but might as well be most of the time, softer food will still swing around as you turn them, and only cook on one side.

If you’re wondering about the row of holes along the side of the frame, they supposedly allow you to turn the rack over without the skewers dropping out when grilling.  I’m not sure why you would want to do this, and I presume you have to put the food on the skewers after putting them through the holes, or use very tiny pieces of food.

When using this kabob grill set, you have to think ahead, and make sure the food items you put on the skewers is an even size and no larger than about a one inch cube. This is because the frame sits directly on the grill, which reduces the clearance between the food and the grill surface.

After using the kabob BBQ rack, cleaning up is easy enough, as the item is dishwasher safe. But be careful when scrubbing the frame, if you scratch the powder coat you will reveal the metal underneath, which will then rust.

Overall, this kabob barbecue set isn’t the best on the market, but is a comparable price, so not one I can recommend.

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