Camp Chef barbecue gloves are made from red and black leather, and measure around 16” from finger tip to the end of the cuff. They are one size fits all.

As with many items, it will depend on how big you are whether these one size fits all barbecue mitts actually fit. I’d say they’re somewhere around a men’s large. They look good, are flexible, not too thick so you retain a certain amount of feeling when handling most items. These gloves for bbq are a good length, covering the forearms almost to the elbow, which gives added protection when reaching across the grill, or when cooking foods that boil or spit hot fat.

They are made from leather, so you can’t machine wash or dry them, only hand wash and air dry, which is a bit of a pain.

I should mention these bbq gloves are heat resistant, not fireproof. They’re more like oven gloves than grill gloves. For instance, if you’re moving things around on the grill with tongs, adding or removing items, etc, they’re fine. But if you’re handling cast iron skillets, for example, which have been on the grill for a while, these gloves won’t protect you. The skillet will be almost as hot as the grill bars, and this product just can’t handle that kind of heat.

To be fair to the manufacturer, those details are all there in the full description, although I think a note about what they aren’t suitable for would be a bonus. Taking chances with these things is not advisable.

Overall, these are in fact chefs gloves, general purpose gloves for handling non-metallic cookware, using around lower heat camp fires and generally for stopping scalds and spits. If you want gloves for picking up grill plates and hot coals, you’ll need to look for a different product.

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