This Camp Chef pellet grill is made from steel, powder coated a uniform black. The dimensions are 51” x 21” x 45”, with a cooking area of 560 including the upper rack. There is a large control box on one end, which contains the wood pellet hopper and the control mechanism. On the other end is a shelf for serving or preparation. The chimney is at the rear of the unit. The temperature is controlled by a dial setting, which includes shutdown, feed and various smoke and temperature settings. The front panel also has an on/off switch, a socket for the temperature probe, an accessible fuse holder, and a bypass start up button. The Camp Chef wood pellet grill sits on four legs, two of which have wheels. This model requires connection to a standard power outlet.

Now, this Camp Chef wood grill isn’t the best looking grill on the market. It’s blocky and dark and not attractive at all. Looks shouldn’t really matter of course, as long as the function is right. The first thing I noticed was the relatively elaborate control panel, there’s more buttons and settings than on you average grill. Once you get used to it it’s easy enough to understand, the only button most won’t have seen is the startup bypass. Basically, when the Camp Chef pellet smoker grill is first switched on it needs to go through certain procedures before you can start cooking. If the power goes out for a while and comes back on midway through cooking, those procedures don’t need to be done. So you press the button and off you go from where you left off.

The Camp Chef pellet smoker BBQ comes with a food probe, which you feed through a hole in the grill and connect to the socket on the control panel. This means the grill can be very precise in the temperatures it maintains, making for more even cooking time after time.

When it comes to cooking area, the Camp Chef wood smoking grill has plenty, you can get a couple of turkeys on there, if that’s what you like. The body of the unit is flat at the rear of the grill, creating more space inside. The chimney is also on the back, which means the grill takes up less space. The wood pellet hopper takes about 18lbs of pellets, which is more than enough for most grilling sessions.

And cleaning up after is very easy, with a drop down ash pan to get rid of most of the ash. The Camp Chef pellet BBQ seems very efficient at burning the pellets anyway, so there’s less mess. It’s not a perfect system, and you’ll probably end up using a vacuum cleaner after several uses. Make sure the grill is cold before you do this! Otherwise it’s just the same as any other grill when it comes to cleaning.

Overall, this is a feature rich product, doing everything very well, but, if you care about such things, not exactly elegant in design.

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