If you’re looking for a BBQ tool set, then look no further. The Cave Tools heavy duty, three piece grill tool set is made from stainless steel which is 20% thicker than the average. Which means the tools are stronger, more durable and much longer lasting than what you might regard as a normal grilling tool set.

This tool set comes with a barbecue spatula, grilling tongs and a meat fork. They’re all around 16” or more long, so very serious pieces of kit.

Their sturdy design allows the safe handling of the largest pieces of meat. The spatula has a serrated edge for cutting, a contoured tip to slide under those burgers, and a wide face for flipping large steaks with ease. It even has a bottle opener built into the design, because grilling is thirsty work after all.

The grill tongs have a smooth edge on one side and six teeth on the other, great for moving meat around on the grill, and ideal for grabbing sausages without them flying all over the place. They come complete with a metal loop that keeps them closed for storage.

The third item in this 3 Piece Barbecue Tools Set is a long fork, the tines long and strong enough to penetrate the thickest cuts of meat. All three items come with an attached metal hoop for hanging, but also have real leather loops because, why not?

As they’re made of stainless steel, when the barbecuing is done all three tools can go straight in the dishwasher, no scrubbing required. They’ll come out looking as clean and new as the day they were bought.

As with all Cave Tools products, the three piece tool set comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to return the items for a full refund if you aren’t happy. They also come in a nice box, so would make an ideal gift for any BBQ fan.

Bottom line: This is a professional grade product, solid and sturdy, made to last a lifetime.


Pitmaster’s Choice #1 Ranked Best BBQ Tools Set!

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