The Cave Tools BBQ smoker box is made from thick, brushed-finish stainless steel, measures 9”x 3” x 1.5” and has a hinged lid for access. The hinge runs the full length of the box for strength. There are ten holes in the lid to allow the smoke to escape. The barbecue smoker box has a capacity of about two full cups, and is designed to fit between the grill grates and the flavorizer bars of charcoal or gas barbecues.

I’ve been pretty impressed with the Cave Tools products I’ve seen, and this BBQ smoking box is no exception. It’s made from thick steel, 25% thicker than usual for this kind of thing, according to Cave Tools, although I didn’t check this myself. It just feels solid, the hinge is very sturdy, and it doesn’t warp or rust, like the old cast iron smoke boxes do.

And of course it works as advertised. You put your wood chips of choice in the box, close the lid and put it in the fire. Shortly after the smoke will start appearing. Even after an extended time in the heat, there’s no flames, just lovely flavorful smoke.

If you buy your wood chips retail, they should be about the perfect size for this BBQ wood box. If you like to make your own, just match the size to store-bought ones and you should be fine. I particularly liked the large capacity, you can get a jug full of chips in it, and even if that isn’t enough, you can easily refill it with little effort.

If you need to find some recipes for your barbecue session, this wood smoking box comes with access to dozens of recipes and tutorial videos, and is also backed by Cave Tools lifetime warranty.

All I need now is a barbecue-safe clamp for my smart phone so I can follow the tutorials while grilling.

Cave Tools Wins the Gold Medal For The Best Stainless Steel Smoker Box in This Category

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