The Cave Tools Grill Scraper Tool is made from heavy duty stainless steel and measures approximately 6.5 by 2.5 inches. The head of the grill scraper has a blade and several notches in various shapes and sizes. The blade can be used for cleaning any flat surface, and the notches fit the bars of grills, griddles, smokers and grates. The handle section is wrapped in leather to provide superior grip. The reverse end has a convenient bottle opener which can also be used to hang the tool from a hook.

Although it looks a little like a bicycle wrench, this item is actually a very useful grill scraper tool. The notches on the head are used to scrape grease, marinade and other substances from the various bars and grates of all types of barbecue and cooking equipment. There’s also a handy blade for scraping flat surfaces such as griddles. It’s quick and easy to use, and is very useful when changing between different foods, like cleaning up bacon grease from breakfast when you’re ready for lunch.

You might be wondering why you wouldn’t simply use a brush instead. And the answer to that is bristle loss. There have been many instances of people needing hospital treatment after ingesting bristles, especially ones made of wire. It’s not worth the risk, particularly when this grill scraper tool solves the problem so efficiently. Another, more mundane, reason is ease of cleaning. If you’ve ever tried to clean a brush you’ll know what I mean. With this grill scraper tool, you just wipe it with a cloth and you’re pretty much done.

I also like the way this grill scraper tool fits in your hand, the leather-wrapped handle giving it a comfortable and safe grip when working around a hot grill. Once you’ve used it a few times you’ll wonder how you managed without it, and want to take it everywhere with you. This isn’t a problem as it literally slips into your back pocket, and you’ll barely notice it’s there. It even has a dual-purpose hanging hook/bottle opener on the other end.

Overall, this grill scraper tool is a cleverly designed item which will no doubt become an essential tool, wherever and whenever you barbecue.

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