If you’re into barbecuing, or thinking about getting into it, (and really why wouldn’t you?) the grill spatula is possibly the BBQ tool you’re going to use the most. Many people spend the entire session with a barbecue spatula in one hand and a beer in the other. So it makes sense to get yourself something decent, durable and lasting.

The Cave Tools BBQ spatula with built in bottle opener is made from super heavy duty stainless steel, which is 20% thicker than the average steel used for BBQ tools. This means it won’t bend or break when flipping even the largest pieces of meat. This grill spatula is about 17” long, depending on whether you count the hanging loop. I could tell it was good quality as soon as I felt the weight,  this isn’t some flimsy piece of kitchenware. It also has a a serrated edge for cutting, which I found worked very well and isn’t just a gimmick. I can also confirm the bottle opener works as it should, and actually looks pretty cool after a little practice.

The working end of this grill turner has an oversized face for large steaks or burgers, and the shaped leading edge slips easily under whatever you’re grilling, even if it has stuck to the grill. The handle is also substantial but well balanced, and stays cool at all times.

As well as the hanging loop, this BBQ turner comes with an additional leather loop, just to add a little extra class.

Once you’ve finished grilling, the grilling spatula can go in the dishwasher, and the chef can go for a well-earned rest.

This item comes with access to some online recipes and tutorials if you are just starting out, and the usual stainless steel-clad, lifetime, money back satisfaction guarantee you’ll find with Cave Tools products. So, beginner or old hand, this is the grilling turner your looking for.

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