If you’re the kind of person who likes to buy the best item on the market, then these are the grill tongs for you. These Cave Tools BBQ tongs are made from thick stainless steel which is 20% thicker than the steel used for most other barbecue tongs, and indeed grill tools in general. They have thick handles, and two different heads, one with teeth and one with a spatula type design. The spring is part of the barbecue tongs, not a separate part. They come with a real leather hanging loop for convenience, and a clip that keeps them closed for easy storage.

As soon as you have these locking tongs in your hand you can tell they’re no ordinary tools. They’re heavy, sturdy, but well balanced. The spring design takes a bit of getting used to, but just remember to move your hand up and down the handle. The nearer to the heads your grip is, the easier the tongs with close, and vice versa. This makes changing the pressure on the food simple, stops you dropping things but also stops you from squashing softer items. This makes these ideal if you’re grilling vegetables.

The two different heads provide a good grip, but also allow you to use the grilling tongs almost like a spatula. You can slide one edge under the food, a burger for instance, grip it and flip it in one easy movement.

When the BBQ is over and comes to cleaning up, these steel tongs can be washed very easily. Most grease and food debris falls right off the stainless steel, even when hand washing, but they’re also completely dishwasher safe if you prefer.

If you add in the access to the online recipes, and more importantly, the lifetime money-back guarantee, these are something special. These things will last you a lifetime, and make you at least look like a professional chef.

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