The Cave Tools large salad spinner is made from white and blue plastic, and measures about 10”x 6”. It consists of three parts; a clear bowl for catching the water, a basket to hold the salad, and a lid with a crank handle for spinning the food. The lid is also vented to allow the draining of excess water before spinning. The basket and lid are BPA free. The bowl has rubber feet for increased stability. The capacity of this salad spinner bowl set is three quarts.

Using this quick dry salad spinner is pretty simple, even if you haven’t used one before. You chop up the food to your preferred size and throw it in the basket. Then take it to the sink and run it under the faucet for a while. Then put the basket in the bowl, put the lid on and drain the excess, and then start spinning. You can, of course, wash the salad using another method, and then use the Cave Tools salad spinner to dry it. It doesn’t have to be salad, you can dry anything that will fit, including grapes and strawberries, etc. and even pasta. In case you’re wondering, three quarts is about the size of a whole head of lettuce when it’s chopped up. Personally, that’s more than enough lettuce for most purposes!

Once the salad is all made, the salad dryer spinner is completely dishwasher safe, so cleaning all three parts is easy. When it comes to storage it’s not perfect, but if you flip the lid over and position the handle in the center, it does reduce the size a little, and stops the handle catching on everyt hing.

When using the large lettuce spinner, I found it best to go at a steady pace to avoid the bowl flying all over. It’s quite well designed and very efficient, so you don’t really need to turn the handle like you’re trying to get the thing airborne. It works fast anyway, so there’s no need to rush.

As this is a Cave Tools product, the collapsible salad spinner also comes with an impressive lifetime money-back guarantee, and access to a useful downloadable recipe book entitled ‘Salad Essentials for the Busy Parent’.

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