The Cave Tools Shish Kabob grill rack is made from polished stainless steel, and is approximately 14” x 10” x 2”. The kabob set comes with five brushed steel skewers, with flat bodies and a round disc near the handles. All the handles have hanging loops for storage. The grilling rack can be used on most grills or in the oven. On each edge of the rack are special notches, which allow the skewers to be turned and held at various angles to ensure even grilling.

I must say I was mightily impressed by the design of this kebab rack. The rack itself sits well on the grill, supporting the skewers at the right height above the heat to cook properly without sticking. Along the edge of the rack are notches in which the skewers sit when in use. These notches have various angles, so the flat skewers are held at a certain angle depending on which part of the notch it’s sitting in. There are eight positions, so in theory the kebab will cook all the way around. There are convenient handles which form part of the BBQ rack, so the whole thing can be moved around is needed.

The really clever part of this barbecue rack is the skewers. First of all they’re flat, so instead of the food swinging around every time you turn the skewer, it moves with it, and so doesn’t burn on one side. Second, there’s a metal disc at the handle end of the skewer, which can be used to push the cooked food off the skewer and onto the plate without getting greasy fingers. The discs are prevented from falling off the ends of the skewers by a small notch, so there’s no need to worry about losing them. If you’re wondering how a flat skewer can cook the food all the way around, see the notches bit above.

When you’ve finished with the grill kabob rack, you can put the whole lot in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Whoever designed this shish kabob BBQ rack is obviously a barbecue fanatic. They’ve studied the problem with cooking kabobs and pretty much solved them all.

As well as getting the perfect kabob grill set, you’ll also get access to Cave Tools online recipes and tutorials, and the whole thing is covered by their impressive money-back guarantee.


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