These universal fit kabob racks from Cave Tools are made from stainless steel and measure approximately 10” x 1.65” x 2”. Each has a wide base and five specially designed notches along the top edge, to hold most kinds of skewers. These kabob racks are supplied as a pair, and can be used on any size grill, smoker or oven.

The elegantly simple design of these universal fit kabob racks is instantly appealing. I say ‘these’ because they come as a pair of separate supports. The first thing you’ll notice is the notches. They aren’t just V-shaped cut-outs but have a sort of castellation effect. This allows you to turn your kabobs to eight different positions when using flat skewers, giving a much more even cook. You can still use round skewers if you prefer.

One of the best things about these kabob racks is their flexibility of use. If space is limited on your grill, or if you’re making snack-sized or kid-friendly kabobs you can put the racks closer together. If you’re looking for something more substantial, the only real limit is the size of your grill. If you want kabobs six foot long, and you have suitable skewers, that’s no problem for these Cave Tools kabob racks! And, if your kabobs are so long the skewers start to sag, simply use another one or two racks for extra support.

If you’re wondering about the height of these kabob racks, I’d say they’re just about perfect. Close enough to cook properly and pick up those smoky flavors, but with plenty of clearance to prevent the food sticking to the grill. They’re also very stable whatever distance they are apart, particularly when loaded up with kabobs.

When you’ve finished making the world’s longest, or shortest, kabobs, you can put your universal fit kabob racks straight in the dishwasher. Once dry they are so easy to store as they nest together. A pair of the racks takes up about as much space as a bundle of skewers.

Overall, I’d say these kabob racks are a 10/10 product. They do exactly what they were designed for and do it very well with no drawbacks.

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