The Cave Tools charcoal rotisserie grill is 12” x 11” x 13” in size and weighs around 25lbs. It’s made from 12 gauge steel and heavy duty aluminum, and is made entirely in the US. It’s powder coated in black, with polished steel details. The unit includes an electricity powered rotisserie spit, with a capacity of around 8lbs. The grill is vertical to avoid flare ups. On the front of the unit are two arms which support the rotisserie when before it goes inside. The unit also comes with a flat grill for conventional barbecuing. There are vents on the unit to allow smoking or slow cooking. The lid has a sturdy latch to keep it closed during transit.

This charcoal rotisserie BBQ is designed to be fully portable, so can be used for tailgating, camping, etc. It uses charcoal of course, and there’s a battery powered rotisserie motor  available, giving true portability. The well designed flip-out legs give it a nice stable feel.

Whatever cooking method you prefer, this portable rotisserie grill can handle it. The rotisserie lifts out and sits on two arms on the front of the unit, which leaves space for conventional grilling, and the clever vents let you use it as a smoker. Adding more charcoal or wood chips is as easy as lifting the lid. The charcoal basket is actually vertical, so there’s no chance of flare ups however you use it.

The lid is solid, with a latch on the front, so you can relax while the rotisserie bbq grill does it’s thing. The motor quietly purrs away so you know it’s working, but it doesn’t spoil the atmosphere.

Cleaning up the grilling rotisserie afterwards is no more difficult than with a full size grill, but of course there’s less to clean.

When you purchase this charcoal grill with rotisserie you also get access to a downloadable recipe book, which contains 25 step-by-step recipes to get you started.

Overall, this Cave Tools charcoal rotisserie grill packs a big, concentrated punch of barbecuing power. It’s fully portable, flexible, and loses nothing at all because of it’s compact size. And if it isn’t large enough for you, just get two!

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