The grandly named Aspire grilling spatula from Char-Broil is made from stainless steel, is about 16” long and has a plastic, non-slip handle. The head is about standard size for a barbecue spatula, and has long slots for what the manufacturer calls “grease management”. There’s a wire loop on the end of the handle for storage.

It feels ok in the hand, and is fairly sturdy, if not the heaviest on the market. The handle isn’t the best shape, but it doesn’t slip even if your hands are greasy. The metal part of the BBQ spatula goes a good distant up the inside of the handle, so there’s little chance of it separating with use. The words “bent wire” come to mind when looking at the hanging loop. And of course it does what it’s designed to do, which is flip burgers. It can be a bit tricky to turn larger items, and getting under anything that’s even a little stuck will result in ripped food.

Like most grilling turners, this model can at least go in the dishwasher, which is one positive, and the slots are wide enough so that food doesn’t get stuck in them.

Quite what this barbecue turner is aspiring to I’m not sure. It’s a pretty standard model in my opinion. There’s no serrated edge, and the tip isn’t even shaped for easier flipping. It’s just looks basic, dated even, particularly when compared to other, better designed, BBQ spatulas.

Overall, I found this spatula a bit outdated, a bit like holding on to one of those huge CRT TVs. There’s nothing wrong with it as such, it functions as a grill turner, but the modern ones are just so much better.  There’s so much choice out there now, and for less money, there are very few reasons at all to buy one of these.

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