BBQ tongs are an almost essential item in a griller’s armory. These comfort grip tongs from Char-Broil are about 16” long, made from stainless steel, and have red plastic inserts that provide the actual comfort. This model also has a locking mechanism to hold the tongs together for easier storage. I’m sure you’re familiar with the design, but pulling the hanging loop locks the two arms in place, and pushing it in releases the two arms of the BBQ tongs for use.  The heads of these tongs are quite large, and mostly flattened, like shallow spoons or small spatulas, in effect.

In use, these barbecue tongs feel comfortable and well-balanced in the hand, they’re sturdy and so don’t flex, and they open and close as they should, although they don’t have the strongest of springs. The red comfort inserts have rows of dimples in them, which gives them a non-slip grip even when your hands are greasy or wet.

The main weak point with these is the heads themselves, the actual tong section. They are strong enough, and as I’ve said, quite large, but they don’t have teeth or grooves for grip. I presume they’re designed to be used vertically, with one head above the other, when lifting meat, but as we all know meat comes in all shapes and sizes, and that’s not always possible. Turning food with them is fine, and flipping even large pieces of meat is easy enough. But I certainly wouldn’t be moving meat around with these grilling tongs for fear of dropping it.

At least they’re fully dishwasher safe, so getting them clean is easy enough, and they do seem durable, apart from the spring issue. They’re a decent set of stainless steel tongs, but I would recommend them more if they had teeth or grooves, or some kind of grip on the heads.

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