As with most bear claw shredders, these Char-Broil meat claws come as a pair. They consist of a black plastic handle and a set of four stainless steel points. The handles are non-slip, and feel ok in the hand, but the plastic is squared off, not round, so they aren’t the most comfortable.

One good design feature is the way the two bear paws fit together when not in use. By turning one of them around, the handle of one becomes the cover for the spikes of the other. This makes them easier and much safer  to store. They are also totally dishwasher safe, so cleaning up after a barbecue is easy enough.

The points of this meat shredder are more like skewers than claws. They work fine on pulled pork and other soft meats, but aren’t as versatile as other BBQ meat forks on the market. They can be used for holding meat or other items for carving, such as watermelons and hams, but I wouldn’t trust them to remove large pieces of meat from a smoker and transport ing items from grill to kitchen, for instance.

The problem is with the design. To allow you to get your hand around the handle, the middle two prongs of the meat shredding claws are simply a U-shaped piece of steel, like a large staple, with only two welds holding it to the rest of the unit. This to me is an obvious fail point.

As pulled pork shredding claws go, these are a budget item, and the safe storage part is a neat idea, but I have concerns about the durability of them. Maybe they’re fine for light or occasional use, but if you intend to do a lot of grilling, there are more sturdy, and more useful, barbecue claw shredders on the market.

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