The comfort grip set of BBQ grill tools from Char-Broil contains four items; a spatula, a basting brush, a set of tongs and a fork. They’re all made from stainless steel, and are about 15” long. The comfort grip part of these grill tools comes from the rounded shape of the metal and a rubber handle, which is black with red detailing. You can use the set on most grills, just remember to keep the silicone brush away from any flames.

The spatula and fork are made from a single piece of steel, so no joints to worry about. They’re both sturdy, and long enough to keep your hands far enough away from the grill. The two tines on the fork are perhaps a little too rounded, but it’s solid and feels good in the hand.

The basting brush has thick silicone bristles, which are durable and allow you to load it with plenty of whatever is your sauce of choice. It also has a rest at the bottom of the handle, so the whole thing doesn’t disappear when you drop it back into the sauce bucket.

The tongs have similar rubber grips, which are on the sides near the handle, although they aren’t anywhere near as large as on the other three items. The tongs also have one of those locking mechanisms for easier storage. I found this item of the 4 piece tools set the least useful, as there are no slots or teeth on the ends, which makes them a bit too slippery. They’re fine for moving things around on the grill, but not so good at lifting. Bit of a design fault there. I also found the spring a bit too weak, so the tongs don’t spring open very forcefully when released.

The modern construction materials of this barbecue grill tools set makes for easy cleaning after use, as they are dishwasher safe.


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