The Char-Broil comfort grip BBQ fork is made from stainless steel, with a soft rubber handle in black with red detailing. The body is all one piece of metal, the head has two prongs, and there’s a loop for hanging at the other end.

I found this barbecue fork comfortable to use, it feels solid and secure in the hand, even when greasy, the sturdiness gives you the confidence to load it up with meat. The prongs aren’t the sharpest thing in the world, and you might find they don’t penetrate raw meat so easily, so a little effort is required. They’re fine in most types of cooked meat.

I would think the main use for a grill fork, apart from piercing meat before you cook it, is pulling apart pork or brisket or other slow-cooked foods. For that you need two grilling forks of course, although these ones come as a single pack. Some people use those bear claw meat shredders for such things, but there are still people who prefer the double fork method.

Being stainless steel, this BBQ fork is fully dishwasher safe, but it isn’t exactly difficult to clean even when hand-washing. The dirt comes off easily, and there are no real crevices for the food debris to hide in.

Overall I was impressed with this stainless steel fork. It’s solid and sturdy and fits nice in the hand. It looks good, particularly as part of a matching set. The small flaw with it is the hanging loop, which is of the piece of bent metal variety. The rest of the barbeque fork is nicely made, with a good design and a good finish, and then they mar the whole presentation with a simple piece of wire. A little attention to detail could have avoided this. Yes, it’s a minor thing, but there’s a lot of competition in the BBQ market, so maybe Char-Broil should re-think this one.

Still, This Tool Stays on The 1st Position in Grilling Forks Category.

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