The Char-Broil grill light consists of a plastic body and a screw clamp to which a 24” flexible neck has been attached. The neck holds a light made up of eight LEDs. The clamp is designed to attach to a shelf or other suitable point on  the grill, and the arm can then be adjusted to shine the light in the required spot. The body of the Char-Broil BBQ light holds 3x AAA batteries, inserted into the body by removing the screw cap on the end of the main unit.

This particular Char-Broil barbecue light is a nice idea poorly executed. The clamp is a good feature, a fully adjustable way to attach the light almost anywhere. Unfortunately, I found that it doesn’t close all the way down, at least not tight enough to grip the thin metal of most grills. It also doesn’t work on round metal, like grill handles, although you might have more luck with a square one. The clamp is also not that sturdy, so you can’t go tightening it with a wrench or lever.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the battery box isn’t water tight, not even slightly, so you’ll need to take the grilling light indoors at the first side of rain or dampness. I also had trouble getting the batteries to fit in tight enough to make contact, and ended up packing them with a piece of card.

If you do manage to get the light positioned securely, and it isn’t raining, and the batteries make contact, the light produced is adequate, although brighter would have been better, in my opinion. The flexible neck is a good feature, it’s more than long enough and probably the one thing that worked correctly.

Overall then, I like the design, and would recommend the Char-Broil barbeque light if they made the clamp sturdier, the battery box waterproof and more solid, and the light brighter.

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