Char-Broil grill cleaner spray is supplied in a 32 ounce bottle, with a spray cap. It can be used on  almost any surface, on barbecue equipment and on kitchen appliances.

As with most products these days, this Char-Broil bbq cleaner spray is biodegradable and non abrasive. The manufacturer claims it breaks down grease and carbon, but won’t scratch your surfaces. This also means it’s not going to be as effective a cleaner as other products, but is a balance between effectiveness and safety.

What kind of results you get from this bbq cleanser spray is going to depend on what you’re using it on and how much dirt is present. A low level of grease comes off quite fast, usually with a quick spray and a wipe down after a few seconds. Grill cleaning spray isn’t going to penetrate too far into thick grease, so you might have to repeat the above action more than once. It’s probably better to scrub off the thick gunk with a brush, and then use this barbecue cleaner for the final clean.

You can use this bbq degreaser spray in the kitchen as well as on the grill, it works well on stainless steel and glass, particularly on lighter staining.

Now, I have to say something about the plastic bottle it comes in. This is probably the cheapest bottle it’s possible to get and still be a bottle. I was constantly worried it would split while I was using the spray, or the spray mechanism would pop off and fly across the room. I’m all for recycling and reducing the amount of packaging we use, but when that comes at the expense of safety and practicality, it’s a step too far.

This BBQ cleaning spray is a good product, but you might want to transfer it to another suitable container to use. The manufacturer really needs to sort out it’s bottle production.

Despite of packaging, this product was ranked as the #1 Best BBQ Cleaner Spray

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