The Char broil offset smoker is made from steel, powder coated a uniform black. The whole unit measures approximately 45” x 46” x 18”. The unit is divided into two parts. The main chamber gives 290 square inches of cooking surface on the porcelain coated wire grate. It has a lid with an integrated chimney, and a serving shelf at one end. On the other end is an attached firebox with it’s own cooking area and separate lid. This gives an additional 140 square inches of cooking area. The whole assembly sits on a tubular steel frame with four legs and a wire rack. Two of the legs have large wheels. The fire grate is height adjustable.

The offset part of this Char-Broil Smoker Grill refers to the firebox on the left hand side. This is where you put the fuel, the hot smoke then passes into the main chamber. The firebox can be used just like a regular grill, with direct heat from the burning wood or charcoal. This give you the ability to use two different cooking methods with the same piece of kit.

This Char-Broil BBQ Smoker smoker has a relatively small cooking area, probably enough for the average family, or small gathering. The firebox grill can only cook four of so quarter-pounders at a time, but they’ll help keep hunger at bay until the main chamber is finished cooking.

Cleaning up after is a little more effort, as you effectively have two areas to clean, but it isn’t a massive chore.

I would say the size and price of this Char Broil Barbecue Smoker smoker makes it ideal for anyone who hasn’t grilled or smoked before, but wants to give it a try. The investment is lower than with a larger unit, and if it turns out this method of cooking isn’t for you, there’s less to lose. It’s also ideal for a smaller family or occasional use.

Quality wise, it’s acceptable, you’re getting what you pay for, so don’t expect absolute perfection.

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