The Char Broil smoker box comes as two parts, the box itself and a separate lid. Both are made from polished stainless steel. The lid has ten holes to allow the smoke out. The item measures  3.8”x 1.6” x 9.2”.

Although not as heavy as the Cave Tools version, the Char-Broil smoker box is pretty solid. It takes a while to start smoking, but gives out enough once it is going. It has a large enough capacity for smaller grills or short sessions, but will probably need refilling for extended sessions. Getting the lid off isn’t easy, it’s definitely a two-handed job,  and the item is probably best removed from the heat and taken somewhere safe to perform this task. The wood chips didn’t produce flames at any time, just smoke.

I notice that according to Char-Broil, this is a grill top item, and not meant to be put any closer to the heat. Both the publicity shots and the picture on the packaging support this. If this is the case, then it produces minimal amounts of smoke unless the grill is on it’s highest setting. And more importantly, most of the smoke is going to go nowhere near the food, unless there’s another, higher shelf on your grill. I’m not sure why, or if, this is the case. The Char-Broil website gives very little extra information, and also carries the picture of the BBQ smoking box being used on top of the grill.

I personally used the item directly on the charcoal, and, at the time of writing, the Char-Broil smoke box is still intact and functioning.

For some reason, the holes on top of the Char-Broil wood smoking box are hexagonal. I didn’t notice any difference in the amount of smoke produced, or the flavor of the meat, so maybe it’s just a design choice.

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