The Charcoal Companion fish basket for grill is made from steel, with a non stick coating in black. The basket section is about 11” square and 1” thick. The handle increases the size to around 27”. The handle has a rosewood insert and a sliding loop to keep the two halves together when loaded with food. The two halves are held together with either hinges or springs, depending on which model you receive.

If you’re looking for a fish basket for grilling, don’t buy this one. In fact if you’re looking for a well designed and constructed item for barbecuing, don’t buy this one. In fact… you get the idea.

The problems start right away with this item. You open the basket, load it up with fish, and then close. Except you can’t, because there’s no flexibility in the bars. The hinges don’t allow the cooking of anything thicker then a thin burger. Closing the basket fully on anything thicker will squash the food or cut into it. If you have the skills you could replace the hinges and get it to work a little better, but why should you have to?

This grilling fish basket is held closed by a sliding loop on the handle, which, as you can probably guess, isn’t very substantial, and there’s little give in it. And the handle itself has a wooden insert, which leaves bare metal around the outside. The manufacturers should probably have just left that detail off, as it serves no purpose.

Overall, what we have here is a fish-basket-for-grilling shaped object, not the real thing. It’s almost as if it was designed by someone who didn’t know what it was for. If you’ve already ordered one, add some tennis balls to the order, that way you can get some use out of it by using it as a racquet.

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