This Charbroil gas grill is made from stainless steel, the stand painted black. The grill burners are also stainless steel, and the grates are coated with porcelain. It’s approximately 45.5 x 21 x 56 inches, giving a  primary cooking surface of 480 square inches. There’s also a swinging warming rack measuring about 180 square inches. In addition there’s an extra side burner, used for warming sauces or preparing side dishes like pasta. The Charbroil propane grill has electronic ignition, and is powered by propane. Inset into the lid is a temperature gauge. The grill comes complete, needing only a gas bottle to get it going. There are two wheels at one end of the stand to allow the grill to be moved.

I’m sure many of you will groan when I tell you this comes flat-packed. In this case it is fiddly to assemble, but not frustratingly so. It might take an hour or two, depending on if you’ve done this kind of thing before. I personally noticed some of the holes didn’t always line up, but if you leave everything a little bit loose it helps. Just tighten them all when it’s fully assembled.

I’d say this Char-broil gas grill is for families. There’s plenty of room on there, and the side burner is a nice extra touch. The electronic ignition is very useful, and stops flaming hair syndrome. It is quite heavy, so the wheels are useful for moving it around. I would like to see some kind of handle on the other end, as it stands you’re just grabbing the grill to move it.

When it comes to controlling the heat, this particular Charbroil gas broiler shows it’s first flaw. It does have controls on the front, but the difference between fully on and the lowest setting is minimal. I also find the lid mounted temperature gauge to be a bit of a gadget. It’s ok when the lid is down, but when it’s up it’s not really going to work. The drip tray is more of a drip cup, and be warned it is pet accessible!

I have heard some people have had problems with the Char broil propane grill rusting. I can only say be aware that the grates are porcelain coated, so don’t going scrubbing at them and taking the coating off. In the end, you get what you pay for, and this is a budget product after all. On the plus side, it does arrive complete, all you need to add is a bottle of propane. For occasional grilling and if you have somewhere out of the weather to store it, this Charbroil burner grill is fine.

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