Designed to be portable, this Coleman gas grill is made from steel, in distinctive red and black with a silver trim. The grills are porcelain-coated cast iron, which give a cooking area of about 285 square inches. It has electronic ignition, with a one button start up. The whole unit stands on a foldable tripod, with two wheels at one end and wide single leg at the other. Different grill surfaces are also available. It measures 19” x 13.5” x 33.75”, and weighs about 47 pounds. It runs on propane gas, supplied by a 16.4 oz cylinder.

The Coleman portable gas grill looks like a ladybug with the lid closed, complete with wings. Being portable, it’s obviously designed to be easy to move around. It does this by having a stand similar to an ironing board, with wheels at one end and shallow spade shape at the other. When folded the Coleman propane grill will fit in the trunk of most cars, and it has a lock on the front to keep it closed. So it’s perfect for picnics and tailgating, as well as regular use.

I would say it has enough of a cooking surface for two to four people, depending on your appetite. I liked the start up sequence which is a fancy way of saying you press a button. It gets hot quickly, so it’s best to have your food ready to go. Temperature control is a little on or off, and closing the lid really ramps up the heat, so you need to be careful. When it’s fully unfolded, it has two wings that swing out to act as preparation surfaces. The little gas bottles give over an hour of cooking, more than enough given how fast it cooks.

One of the clever things about it is the ability to change the grill plates, so you can have it as a griddle or with stove plates if you wish.

There are a few issues with this unit, although they can all probably be negated with a little common sense. First of all is the stability. The wheels are fine, but the other end has a single leg with a wide foot, which isn’t great. Second is the amount of heat it kicks out, so don’t leave it unattended. You might also want to line it with kitchen foil to save you some clean up time, because it does get messy.  Otherwise I like the Coleman propane portable grill. The design looks great, very individual. The function is also good, with the above warnings. Just remember it’s a portable gas grill, not a backyard grilled meat factory, and you’ll be fine.

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