The Cuisinart meat mallet is made from stainless steel with a zinc alloy head. (The Amazon website lists this as stainless steel, which is incorrect). It measures approximately 12” x 3” x.1.5”and has a soft grip handle. One face of the meat pounder is flat, actually slightly rounded, and the other has rows of sharp teeth. The head narrows in the middle where it’s attached to the handle. It’s part of their Barrel range, and so will match other Cuisinart items in the same range.

As soon as you pick up this steak mallet you can tell it’s substantially lighter than other models. It’s even one of the selling points listed on Amazon; “Lightweight for prolonged use“, which to me makes no sense at all. This is supposed to be a mallet pounder, it needs to have a certain amount of weight to function. You wouldn’t buy a saw that claimed to have blunt teeth to improve safety.

So what’s the meat hammer like to use? Much as you would expect, because it’s lighter you need to work harder to get the same effect. And as the teeth are of the sharp variety, it tends to rip some meats rather than soften them. The handle is good, having a soft but comfortable and firm grip.

It is good for crushing garlic, and opening softer nuts, etc, but I found harder nuts tougher to crack without giving them a good whack, which sometimes resulted in flying nut shrapnel, or even whole nut ricochets.

Due to health and safety reasons, tenderizer mallets like this need to be thoroughly cleaned between uses. Ideally, you would put it in the dishwasher after use, and although the Cuisinart website itself says it’s dishwasher safe, there are those who don’t recommend putting zinc alloy items in the dishwasher. I’d say if Cuisinart say it’s safe then go for it, and take it up with them if things go wrong.

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