The Cuisinart salad spinner is made from green and white plastic, with a clear plastic bowl. It measures around 10” x 7”, and has a capacity of approximately four quarts. The lid has a built-in handle with a spinning knob for easy turning. There are also two clips on the lid to hold it in place on the bowl. The lid also has a coverable hole for adding water, and a slotted drain. The base of the clear bowl has a non-skid feature.

Unlike others, the Cuisinart large salad spinner set is designed so the whole operation can be carried out without removing the lid. This is facilitated by the hole on the lid, through which you add water. The water is then drained via the slots on the lid, and then spinning can take place. I’m not sure of the efficiency of this method, particularly for removing heavy dirt or similar substances. Putting the salad in the basket  and running it under the faucet will remove far more of the things you wouldn’t want to eat. Of course you can do this with the Cuisinart vegetable spinner, but that makes the design pointless.

Otherwise, when used traditionally, this quick dry salad spinner does what it’s meant to do. The capacity is about average, it will take a full lettuce, enough for most families. You can dry other stuff in there, and the bowl is nice enough to take to the table filled with crunchy salad.

The lid of this vegetable & fruit spinner has two clips that hold it in place, which is a good feature, particularly when draining the water. The handle turns easily, and the non-skid base holds it firm unless you’re too over-eager. One thing I must point out, and that’s the positioning of the lid. The lid will actually fit without being properly engaged with the basket. So if the handle doesn’t turn, that’s probably why. It only takes a few seconds to make sure it’s on properly, and after a little practice you’ll catch the move.

The whole unit is dishwasher safe, but it’s just as easy to hand wash it.

Overall, I’d say the Cuisinart salad spinner & dryer is an average product for an average price.

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