This Cuisinart tabletop gas grill is made from brushed stainless steel, with a black powder-coated stand. The grates are cast iron, coated with porcelain.  On either side there are preparation shelves which fold away into the grill for storage.  On the front is a single control that ignites the flame and controls the gas flow. The lid had a temperature gauge, and there’s an easily accessible grease catcher underneath. The measurements for the unit are approximately 20” x 28” x 13”. There is around 240 square inches of cooking space on the Cuisinart gas grill. This model has short legs included, but an optional stand is available. It’s powered by propane, using the smaller 16.4 oz bottles.

Although it’s not completely assembled when it arrives, the Cuisinart propane gas grill just needs the legs attaching, which is easy enough. Four screws and you’re done. Being a tabletop gas grill, you’re going to want to stand it on a solid surface, plastic picnic tables are not recommended. It doesn’t have to be a table of course, and wood is fine, the legs don’t get hot at all. If you prefer, there’s an optional stand, which also holds a 20lb gas cylinder. You’ll also need to buy a long hose, if you use the larger bottles with or without the stand. The stand folds up quite small, so you can take it with you. This model of liquid gas grill weighs about 35 pounds, which isn’t light but is manageable by most people. It’s certainly easy enough to put the grill, the gas bottle and the stand in the trunk and head off out.

According to the manufacturer, this grill has a larger enough cooking surface for eight people. I’m not sure I agree with that, probably more like four or five, depending on their appetites. I found the side shelves useful, but was always wary about how much pressure I put on them. They swing out from the grill on a single pivot, and they do rest on the handles, but they aren’t the sturdiest work surface. Starting the liquid propane grill is easy, just turn the gas control and the ignition kicks in automatically, adjust the flame and off you go.

Overall, I would say this tabletop propane gas grill is about average. It’s works, it is portable, and there are some good extras. But I can’t help noticing the drop in quality. If you’ve already got one of these and are looking to replace it, don’t expect the same heavy duty construction, even if the model number is the same.

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