The Dyna-Glo DGB390SNP-D Smart Space Living Gas Grill, or Dyna-Glo gas grill to save space, is around 45” x 49” x 23” in size, is made from steel, either powder coated black or with a brushed finish. The grates are cast iron coated with porcelain, and the burners are stainless steel. The burners come with stainless steel heat tents which help protect them. It also comes with a full electronic ignition. The stainless steel lid is double walled to retain heat, and includes a built-in temperature gauge. The Dyna-Glo propane grill has over 500 square inches of cooking space. To either side it has fold-down trays for easier storage. Underneath are four casters for ease of movement.

This liquid propane gas grill is another flat-pack product, although assembly is easy enough. The instructions are on the adequate side, but nothing different about that. I found it took about an hour to put together, so not too bad. In use it’s also adequate if not spectacular, although the heat control is pretty good. The controls have a good range, not just the on/off settings of some. The heat builds up quickly, and it does go pretty high even in cold conditions. I do have a couple of concerns. The casters on the bottom allow easy movement, but only two of them lock, and they aren’t the sturdiest thing in the world. The second is the drip tray, or drip cup, which might, or might not catch the drips of grease. I did like the heat tents, basically covers for the burners to keep the debris out, but I do have concerns over their durability.

I’m not really sure what ‘smart space living’ is, but this Dyna-Glo propane gas grill will provide it, allegedly. What we have here is yet another grill that looks good from afar. But this version of the Dyna-Glo liquid gas grill gives itself away when up close. Looking particularly at the side wings, they’re just folded metal held on with screws. The rest of the stand is similar, although the lid and front fascia have a bit more style. I suppose this is at the budget end of the market, and it does fold down for storage, which you’ll have to do to keep it from rusting.

Overall, I think the word I’d use most to describe this Dyna-Glo gas grill is adequate, in design, manufacture and use, it works, but is nothing special.
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