The Dyna Glo offset smoker is made from steel, powder coated black. The handles on the firebox and main doors are chromed steel. The whole unit measures around 20” x 34” x 47”, and sits on four angled legs. There are two handles to allow the unit to be lifted and carried. The smoke box door has a temperature gauge built in. There are six height-adjustable shelves, providing 1176 square inches of cooking surface. On the top is an adjustable chimney. The fire box contains a steel basket with a chromed steel base with handle for easy removal.

So, this Dyna Glo barbecue smoker is quite large, taking a total of 150lbs of food! That should be enough for most parties, bearing in mind that’s an ideal limit, and odd shaped or larger foods will reduce that somewhat. This is one of those smokers you can set up and just let it do it’s thing, as all good smokers should be. You’ll need to keep your eye on the temperature once in while, but there’s an actual thermometer on the door, not just a temperature gauge.

I found some really large briskets or birds didn’t quite fit in this Dyna Glo offset BBQ smoker, at least not easily. Apart from that it really is as simple as it looks. You load in the food, light the fire with your choice of fuel and off you go. When it comes to fuel, you can use wood, charcoal, of both. Personally I found a good charcoal fire with wood on the top gave the best results. Get the charcoal going first, then put the wood on top, which damps the fire and reduces the heat, and starts the lovely smoke going.

Cleaning up afterwards is no real chore, but there are a lot of surfaces to clean. It all strips down though, and you can always hose it out for speed.  This BBQ grilling smoker doesn’t have wheels, but I have seen them added after purchase. It’s not something I’ve done, and you obviously have to be careful about making the thing unstable. It does have handles to move it around, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it while it’s lit.

I only have a minor issue with this offset grill smoker, and that’s during assembly you really need to use a silicone sealant around some of the joints. It’s easy to get hold of, but it should come with the grill. Otherwise the smoke will leak and all those flavors will be lost.

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