Checking the internal temperature of the food you’re cooking is important if you want your meat done perfectly. This Weber thermometer is a digital model, with a large and easy to read three digit display. The head of the thermometer is plastic, the probe is steel, and it comes with a protective plastic cover. With the cover on it’s just a bit larger than a pen, and even has a pocket clip.

The controls on the front of this digital cooking thermometer are simple enough; there’s an on/off button, and a degrees C/degrees F button so you can read the temperature in either Centigrade of Fahrenheit. The display range of this kitchen thermometer is 32°F to 446°F, which makes it very flexible and covers a wide range of uses.

The best feature of this instant read thermometer is the swiveling head, which can be positioned at various angles to allow the probe to be read wherever you insert the probe. The instant read function is something of an exaggeration in my experience, but it is pretty quick, around fifteen seconds or less.

This quick-read thermometer is suitable for most types of grill, but isn’t the type that can be left in the meat for any length of time. It’s designed to give a quick reading and then be removed. I also found it wasn’t too happy with steam, but to be fair this is sold as a barbecuing thermometer, not a kitchen thermometer.

If your Weber cooking thermometer starts displaying LL, this is either a dead battery, or you might have got steam or water inside it. If this happens to you, simple hold the probe and twist the front half of the display to reveal the battery compartment. This model takes an LR44 battery, which is widely available, although you could try cleaning and drying the contacts if you don’t have a battery to hand.

Cleaning the Weber digital thermometer is easy enough using a damp cloth, but don’t immerse it in water, and definitely don’t put it in the dishwasher.

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