This Norpro round grill press is made from gray cast iron with a polished wooden handle. It measures approximately 9” in diameter and is 4” high, and weighs about three pounds.  The bottom of the press is deeply ridged.

Firstly, I have to congratulate the manufacturers of this round grill press for including full instructions on seasoning and cleaning the product. This is an essential step, but one sadly left undocumented by other companies. They even stress cast iron must never be soaked in water, which is good advice for any cast iron item.

This particular round grill press is designed for bacon. It says ‘Bacon Press’ right there on the top, along with a picture of a pig. It can be used for other things of course, like grilled sandwiches, burgers, etc, but it isn’t as flexible as other grill presses due to the wooden handle. The handle itself is advertised as ‘stay cool’ and it does, at least in the center. The ends nearest the metal get hot over time, so be careful if you aren’t wearing oven mitts. It works as advertised, turning out flat bacon with less spitting. And as we all know, flat bacon tastes much better than crinkly bacon.

Regarding the handle of this round grill press, it’s screwed on to the metal, which creates a weak point. The one I used was a little lose when it arrived. It was soon tightened, but it shouldn’t have been necessary. And repeating this action over time is going to damage the wood to the point it will no longer tighten.

The thing that puzzles me is why this round grill press is round in the first place? Bacon quite clearly isn’t, whether a single rasher or a row of them lined up on the grill.  It would have been better square, which would cover more bacon and eliminate the dreaded exposed ends.

Overall, I would describe this round grill press as average, it’s ok, but mysteriously round.

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