This time around we’re looking at the Weber 6630 Original 3-Piece Stainless Steel Tool Set, or Weber grill set for short. The three pieces are a spatula, a fork and a pair of tongs, all around 17” to 18”long, not including the hanging loops, so plenty of reach on them. They are made from stainless steel, but not a single piece like some weber grill sets. Instead, the soft grip handles are riveted to the rest, which I think makes them less sturdy, and slightly cheaper looking. Having said that, the soft touch handles are comfortable, and feel solid even in greasy hands.

The spatula has an angled neck, more so than a normal spatula, apparently to allow it to reach over the edge of a deep grill. I’m not sure if this is just a gimmick, as I’ve never had a problem with normal spatulas, although I suppose it depends on which grill you use.

The tongs are sturdy, and have inward pointing rounded teeth on the ends, which means less chance of the dog getting fed when you’re serving food. It also has a decent spring, which opens the tongs with just enough speed and pressure. And the handles lock for storage, like most tongs these days.

The fork in this Weber grill set is adequate. It sits well in the hand and the two tines are sharp enough without being dangerous. One of the selling points of this item is that the tines pierce the food without shredding. Personally I think that’s true of most forks, so not exactly a unique feature.

All the items in this Weber grill set are fully dishwasher safe, so no problem with the clean up after your BBQ.

Overall I say this particular Weber grill set is mid-range, but looks cheaper, and I can foresee some durability issues.


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