The Weber 6615 fork is made from stainless steel, has a black plastic handle and a wire hanging loop. It is 18” long and has two tines. The soft grip handle is separate from the body, and attached with screws.

You can tell as soon as you lift this Weber fork that it isn’t going to be top quality. It’s very light in the hand, although the grip is good and it’s well balanced. The head itself is too two small, although the tines are over 3” long, I would have preferred them longer. The tines aren’t as sharp as I’d like, they aren’t round, but are squared off. They might be safer than sharp ones, but they aren’t anywhere near as good for piercing raw meat, etc. They work fine with cooked meat, piercing without shredding, and can be used to safely turn hot-dogs without breaking the skin.

I’m presuming it isn’t dishwasher safe, as it doesn’t say so, but it’s not exactly a difficult item to hand wash.

It looks to me like this Weber BBQ fork was made by a machine stamping them out by the thousands from a huge plate of steel. This is evidenced by the flat metal of the head that continues up the shaft to the handle, which is screwed on afterwards. The hanging loop is a piece of bent wire poked into the holes in the sides of the handles. This isn’t to say this construction method is a bad thing, but it does make the Weber fork prone to bending when lifting heavy pieces of meat. Ok it can be straightened again relatively easily, but it’s not something the customer should be expected to do.

I can’t really recommend this particular model of Weber grilling fork. It’s too flimsy for heavy use, I have concerns about it’s longevity, and it’s actual function isn’t the best. Unless you’re going to be using it lightly and it matches your other tools, I’d say there are better designed and better made forks on the market.

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