The Weber burger press has a black plastic base and a clear plastic lid with a black nylon handle. It’s just over 4” in diameter. The handle is detachable for easier cleaning. The unit can turn out ¼ or ½ pound patties, complete with dimples.

The Weber hamburger maker works in reverse to other patty makers, in that the base is raised and the lid is where the burger ends up when made. This does make the patty easier to remove, provided it doesn’t stick inside the lid. Whether it does stick or come out cleanly is going to depend very much on the recipe you’re using. A spray of oil might help, or wax discs if all else fails.

Making the burgers is easy, simply fill the lid with about the right amount of meat, then press the base into the lid, turn it over and remove the lid, and there, hopefully, is your perfectly formed patty. The base has an offset lip, so pressing the patty with one side will give you a quarter-pounder, and pressing with the other will give you a ½ pounder.

If you’re after identical looking burgers time after time, the Weber patty maker can provide them for you. It is a bit time consuming making them singly, and very annoying when they don’t come our cleanly. But you could always buy two and get the kids involved.

I think it comes down to personal preference in the end. You can certainly churn out more burgers of the same standard with a silicone mould, so I think the days are numbered for these labor intensive devices, messing about with wax paper, or adding oil when we shouldn’t need to.

Overall, the Weber hamburger press does the job as advertised, if you’re prepared to put in the work, but there are better, and quicker, ways of making patties.

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