The Weber 6469 Original rib and roast holder is designed to hold ribs in just the right position to allow the heat and smoke to reach the whole rack at the same time, and so cook them all evenly on both sides at once. This also frees up more space on the grill, and saves the time needed to flip the ribs when cooking without a rack. This Weber rib rack will take five of almost all sizes of ribs, although it might be better to only load it with three of the largest to make sure they cook properly.

As this is a rib and roast holder, it can be simply flipped over to allow the roasting of a larger piece of meat or a bird, such as a Thanksgiving turkey, or two or three smaller ones. Whichever way around you’re using it, the roasting rack can easily be moved by using the built-in handles, using suitable oven mitts of course. The added advantage of the rib holder is it keeps whatever you’re cooking out of the unwanted meat juice and fat.

The Weber 6469 is designed to fit most grills of around 22 inches and above, but will particularly compliment Weber’s own grills. It’s sturdily constructed to give you years of use, is easy to store, and easy to clean, as the bars are far enough apart to get a grill brush between them. It can be used on almost any type of grill, including the gas variety.

There are a couple of minor drawbacks: with long racks the ends can sag over and so not cook properly, and extended periods in the smoker can increase the cleaning times. But overall, the sturdy construction, two-in-one design and ease of storing (they nest together if you have more than one) makes the Weber rib and roast holder an essential item for any BBQing occasion.

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