f you want to make your own burgers for any reason, you’ll need a burger maker. This OXO hamburger maker is made from plastic and has four separate parts. The base is opaque plastic with a scale marked for ¼, 1/3 and ½ pound burgers. A black plastic patty lifter sits in the base, a simple disc with a long handle. The press is a black plastic handle with a central hole into which fits a red plastic dimpled insert. This can be reversed to produce flat patties, or ones with a dimple for marinades or sauces, etc. All four parts are dishwasher safe.

The OXO burger press is more aimed at perfectionists in my opinion. It makes burgers one at a time, so if you need more than a few it’s a bit slow. The patties it turns out are regular, even and almost identical, but the same can be said of most of the burger makers on the market.

The patty lifter is supposed to be non-stick, but I found that depends entirely on your burger recipe. Some recipes are fairly dry, or at least not greasy, and it’s these that stick worst, while other recipes drop straight off. A quick spray of oil will probably help in most cases. I found it particularly annoying when having to pull off large pieces of meat and reform them by hand, kind of a waste of time using the patty maker.

Otherwise, this patty press is easy to use, fun for children, you could get them one each, and satisfying for the perfectionists. It cleans easily after use, and stores away neatly enough.

I can’t help thinking this hamburger press has been over engineered. There are far simpler ways of turning out conveniently shaped and sized pieces of meat to grill, and I think this particular burger patty maker will just be put away in a cupboard and forgotten.

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