This particular OXO salad spinner is made from BPA free plastic. The bowl and lid are clear, the pump mechanism and basket are green. The pump handle can be locked in the down position for ease of storage. There is also a brake button built into the lid. It measures approximately 10.5” x 6” giving it a capacity of about five quarts. The bottom of the bowl features a non-slip ring rather than rubber feet.

When it comes to design, this OXO Good Grips salad spinner is one of the best available. Starting with the soft, non-slip handle, which is easy to use for almost any one. The basket soon gets up to a decent speed, and because you’re pushing downwards, the bowl stays exactly where you want it. Instead of small feet, the OXO salad dryer spinner has a full ring to grip with. Once the salad is dry, there’s a brake button on the top to slow down the basket before you remove the lid.

At nearly five quarts, the capacity of this salad spinner bowl is very good. You can easily get a couple of medium lettuce heads in there once they’re chopped. When the salad is prepared, you can use the bowl to serve it in. Although it’s plastic, it does look good, almost like glassware. You can also use the basket as a general purpose colander. Like most salad spinners, it can also be used to dry other things, like small fruits, chopped vegetables and pasta.

Once you’re finished with your salad preparation, the OXO large salad spinner takes apart for cleaning. This bit does take a bit of practice, but it isn’t difficult. Once you’ve done it a few times it’s no trouble at all. All the parts can go in the dishwasher, but hand-washing it isn’t particularly difficult either. The handle locks in the down position with a simple slider, so storage is also easy.

This Good Grips salad spinner is recommended by America’s Test Kitchen, and I can certainly see why.

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